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3756 Rainier Avenue
Seattle, WA 98144
206-760-FISH (3474)
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"The people in these testimonials were not paid and did not receive a discount. They are honest customers who enjoy Emerald City Fish & Chips' fresh food!"
—Owner Stevie Allen


Best Fish n Chips in Town....love it, that's it's right in the neighboorhood!!
— Jerri Robinson, Seattle, WA

I drove by many times and I wished I stopped in sooner.
Salmon, chips and crab puppies were all excellent!
— Dan Rosson, Seattle, WA

Very tasty fish and chips.  We were in the neighborhood, and I had read the Stranger review. The batter has a nice flavor to it, which adds a nice touch.  None of the other fish and chips places in Seattle has that aspect.  I had the 2 piece cod basket, each piece was the size of a deck of cards.  That plus fries, and a little cup of slaw and I was happy. I really like the fries, they're a little seasoned as well, but still nice and potatoe-y. Place is small, with just one low table.  We got ours to go and made the quick drive over to the lake.  Great cloudy afternoon activity!
— Julie G., Seattle, WA

Best Fish and Chip place around!
New and clean establishment!
Owner is very nice and funny!
Will come back again!
— Dee L., Federal Way, WA

Oh yes, we will be back.
The best fried oysters we've had in this city so far, and we are from the south.
They were perfectly cooked -  hot and juicy on the inside while being crunchy on the outside with just the right amount of breading.  Served with a slightly spicy tartar sauce.

We have had other decent oysters around here.    We thought the pan-fried ones at 5 Spot in Queen Anne were the best.........until today. Here's what else we ordered:
Alaskan Cod and chips/slaw
Prawns and chips/slaw
Crab puppies

All great.  The fries were crispy.  And I am very finicky about fries.  A restaurant better know how to make decent fries.  These fries passed the test. The cole slaw was excellent because it was not too sweet, or drippingly oversauced, or mayonaissey.  It was just right.  And on top of that, it had fresh chopped green and red bell peppers mixed in. The cod was good.  About what I expected, but Emerald City definitely knows how to fry things perfectly.  I am eager to go back to try the other things...especially the Po Boys. Tasty crab puppy nuggets.  Maybe a little salty, but still good.
The restaurant itself was immaculate.  The bathroom was spotless and smelled good.  Every surface in sight in the entire restaurant was shiny and clean. The place could use more seating.  It is very tiny, and hard to sit without accidently bumping knees or elbows with the person next to you.  It would be nice to see some patio tables out for when the weather is nice.

They need slightly more parking, too - although I realize that's not their fault. The parking is still better than Columbia City or Capital Hill.

The owners and cooks are as nice as can be.  Very friendly and likeable.  We could tell that they genuinely cared that we enjoyed our meal.
***A+ on the customer service.***

It would be nice if they had beer, too.

— Rachelle R., Seattle, WA

Emerald City certainly is a great addition to the restaurant "scene" in the Rainier Valley/Mt. Baker/Columbia City corridor.  Located in a strip mall across the street from Safeway.

I was greeted by a friendly freckled gal at the counter. It took me a moment to decide on what to order, there were so many options displayed on the huge board above the counter.  They even have burgers here!  I could have picked halibut, salmon, or catfish, but chose cod.  I wanted to try the chowder but all they had tonight was salmon chowder, so I passed.  Finally, I spied crab hush puppies on the board so I ordered a half dozen of them babies. All fish orders automatically come with fries and cole slaw.

I took my treats home and dug in.  What I liked the best were the tartar sauce and coleslaw.  Both were absolutely excellent.  The tarter sauce had a bit of an orange color and was delicious.  I loved the coleslaw because it was light and fresh with the perfect amount of creaminess.

The breaded cod was fine. The fries were large and hearty with potato skins left on one side.  They were good though a maven might say a rather heavy hand salted them. I don't know if the crab hush puppies actually had crab in them (they did have corn and bits of green pepper), but still, they were very very good (definitely better than the hush puppies from that other fish place up in Madrona).

A steady stream of customers were passing through but orders were still prepared quickly.  Seating is extremely limited - there is just one table along with a counter with five stools.  I actually felt prices were reasonable for the portion sizes.

And now that I know Emerald City has decent hush puppies, you know I'm gonna be back!
— Jens J., Portland, OR

5 stars for nailing what they're advertising - "Fish and Chips take out." Cheap, tasty and fast.  We had the cod, oysters, and clam chowder.  Best of all, it's a local business that you can get behind.  I'll definitely be back here when I'm craving comfort food. Did I mention it was cheap?
—GB N., Seattle, WA

I was excited to see a fish and chip place open up. I was even more excited when we tried their food. We had the 3 piece cod, crab puppies and chowder. WOW!  We LOVED the fish, the puppies and chowder were excellent. The sauce was soooo good. The portion size was perfect. Just enough and at a good price.
—Cindy D., Seattle, WA

I was in Seattle yesterday and i stopped by the restaurant and picked up a 3 piece catfish and it was the bomb. Next time i'm gonna try the fish chowder, cuz this guy was in there going on and on about how delicious and buttery it was.
—Sharain J.

I had seen this place "in the works" these past few months and have been excited to go there since they opened not long ago.  Today was the day.  First of all, handsome and polite staff. Hey, it helps when they're easy on the eyes.

Lots of options on their menu. I went with the 2-piece cod for $5. Comes with fries and a cole slaw. I was seriously wowed. Everything was so fresh--they threw the fries and fish in the fryer after I ordered, so it was crispy and steamy when I got it. Even the cole slaw was awesome, and I don't really like cole slaw. They used red and green cabbage, carrots and even some red and green peppers--a nice touch, and it wasn't soggy at all. It was the PERFECT amount of food for me. A lot of fish & chips places give me way more than I can eat and it's not the greatest item to heat back up later and I don't like wasting.

The restaurant is really clean and well set-up and organized. Lots of sauces to use. Nice atmosphere to wait while my food cooked. If you find yourself in the valley, give it a try!
—Ruth H., Seattle, WA